Into the wilderness

It so happened that I have a friend who is a bird and nature lover living on the outskirts of the city in Sehore and he invited me to visit his farms to capture a glimpse of the beautiful birds living around the farm. One particular bird I wanted to see was the owl as I had never seen any closely. And my friend is an expert in the identification of various types of owls.

The first sight we saw was of a beautiful golden backed woodpecker,which has a distinctive red crown and crest. It’s widely distributed throughout the country.

This adorable barn owl was sleeping peacefully on a palm tree, a pale colored medium sized bird it’s the most widely distributed species of owl in the world.

A beautiful pair of spotted dove were perched on a branch.

a pair of spotted doves perched on the tree

Pied starling

Chilly mushroom and baby corn

The chilly mushroom and baby corn is an absolutely delicious delicacy and can be cooked with little efforts at home. It can be made using the following ingredients:



To begin, heat some oil in a non stick pan and shallow fry the baby corns until golden brown.

When the corns are a little soft, add some chopped mushrooms at this point.Put them separately after cooking both of them properly.In the same pan, add some oil and some chopped onion and capsicum pieces and then saute them keeping the flame high. The capsicum is left somewhat under cooked and crispy.

For the gravy, take one cup water and add one tablespoon cornflour for thick consistency.Mix well and add to the pan. At this stage we need to put the sauces and vinegar according to taste. The level of spiciness can vary. Wait for the gravy to boil and after that, the cooked mushrooms and baby corns kept aside are added along with salt according to taste.

Serve the dish and enjoy

Covid biodiversity conservation

We humans have been ignoring the importance of nature for so long and when we cause destruction in a large scale, we face the hard consequences. At a time when the world is suffering with economic, social and health devastation due to coronavirus it is important to think how our actions are giving rise to such animal related pandemics. Due to population explosion nearly half of the world’s land has been converted into agriculture. Mostly, the tropical forests have suffered in the last few decades. In Africa, continuous loss of forests has brought the wild primates and humans closer and sharing the same space. When people venture into forests for resources it increases the chances of zoonotic diseases transmission.

The lockdown imposed in various countries around the world has seen closure of industries, reduced air traffic and no movement of vehicles. The nature has begun reviving and thriving in the absence of humans.There has been an unprecedented reduction in air pollution in major cities of the world. According to the World Health Organization air pollution kills 7 million people every year. Wild animals have begun to reclaim their lost spaces and Odisha coast has seen mass hatching of the endangered Olive Ridley Sea turtle due to lockdown. For many years, scientists have been demanding that climate crisis should be taken seriously. However, closing factories banning cars and putting a stop to economic activity is not a sustainable way to tackle climate change and conserve biodiversity.

Coronavirus has shown that to prevent the climate, the countries need to make changes which includes encouraging green technology, switching to clean energy instead of fossil fuel and creating new way of working from home so as to reduce vehicular pollution. Renewable energy adoption is the most important tool we can use to curb rising temperatures. Solar, hydroelectric and wind energies don’t emit greenhouse gases which contribute to global warming. Humans have been heavily dependent on coal, oil and other fossil fuels due to which greenhouse gases have reached high levels.

In our oceans due to the climate change, roughly half of the coral reefs have been lost in the last thirty years. The Amazon, the planet’s largest rainforest lost at least seventeen percent of its forest cover in the last half century due to human activity. About one million species are facing the risk of extinction. The biodiversity loss is threatening this mass extinction of animals. Many scientists believe that we are at the beginning of a sixth mass extinction because animal species around the world are declining at a significantly higher rate due to habitat degradation.

The forest fire in Australia is a resut of global warming which has now made thousands of Australian species endangered. The pandemics that keep arising are a result of gobal illegal trade in wildlife which has threatened many species.
In order to ensure the prevention of future pandemics and to conserve animal species around the world, it is necessary to educate people about the inherent dangers of human to wildlife contact to limit consumer demand for wildlife and wildlife products. If there is demand in the market wildlife trade will continue.

The government should be strict towards encroachment of humans into the forests; tourism should be restricted in sensitive regions which are home to endangered species of wildlife and the involvement of the local communities living close to the protected areas is crucial for the protection of species. Youth and students need to be educated in schools and colleges about biodiversity conservation. The efforts of a handful people are in vain unless there is mass awareness amongst common people about the integral role our biodiversity plays in survival of all species and humans. It is important to understand that forests provide vast array of resources to all of us. Without the trees, the ecosystem that supports the human population can fall apart. It is wise to act now before it’s too late.

Refreshing summer drinks

Summers are scorching and unrelenting in India and to beat the heat, a wide variety of delicious and healthy home made Indian drinks come to the rescue. These rejuvenating drinks can be made very easily at home.


The delicious pineapple can be used to make this refreshing juice which provides respite from the hot weather. A pinch of black salt can be added for extra flavor.


Cold coffee is a universal drink and is loved by people all over the world. Enjoy your favourite coffee with chilled milk and lots of chocolate sauce to enhance the taste.


The king of fruits, mango is the pride of India.Summers are incomplete without the beloved aam pana made from the pulp of raw mangoes. Crushed cumin seeds, black salt and fresh mint leaves are added and it is consumed as a tasty and healthy beverage to beat the intense Indian summer heat.


Sweet lime is a sweet and mild flavored fruit resembling oranges and apart from its refreshing taste is an immunity booster with loads of vitamin C.


This amazingly delicious drink is made with mixing curd and water and churning it to attain a fine consistency. Some crushed cumin seeds along with garnished mint leaves bring out it’s wonderful taste. It is one of my favorite and also gives instant energy during dehydration.

Pachmarhi the queen of Satpura

Nestled in the verdant hills of Satpura in Central India, Pachmarhi offers nature lovers an exhilarating experience.Pachmarhi is 191 km away from Bhopal in the state of Madhya Pradesh the nearest station being Pipariya and nearest airport Bhopal. The name is derived from two hindi words Panch (five) and Marhi (Caves).
It is believed that these caves were built by five Pandava brothers of Mahabharat during their period of exile.

When thinking of Pachmarhi,what comes to mind are the popular tourist destinations.However,I am always interested to go to the unexplored peaceful destinations with lots of birds.The beauty of Pachmarhi was beyond my expectations.The greenery and tranquility of the place makes it an ideal place for a cycling trip,with narrow, empty roads stretching between vast grasslands and trees.the best part of the visit was the Cantonment park situated beside the chhota talab.It was just the place for a bird lover like me.There were birds everywhere! Different kinds of birds at one place and what a peaceful place it was,I wish I could live in such a place I would not have to go anywhere else for bird watching!

                                                                   As it was beside the lake,there were pied and small blue kingfishers catching fish and lots of other water birds.Another main attraction is the Pandav caves, due to which Pachmarhi has derived it’s name, which provides an excellent vantage point of the small town.

Pandav Caves
Cantonment park

One evening of ours was spent having dinner at Rock End Manor, a beautiful resort of MP tourism, situated on a hill top, 2 km from the main market. It has excellent view of the town with a nice open verandah where one can spend early mornings having a nice cup of tea and listening to the chirping of birds! This place is definitely the perfect staying option…

Rock end Manor

There is an old abandoned Catholic church on Mahadeo road with beautiful English architecture and marvelous stained glass windows

The old British Church
Glass windows inside the church

The place is pleasant to during monsoon and winters with lots of MP tourism hotels as staying options at different prices for people with both low and high budgets. Its a nice, peaceful place for a weekend getaway…..

Mandav, the ancient city of joy

I am blessed to call Madhya Pradesh my home as the state has so many hidden gems which are not in the list of typical tourists. Located in the Dhar district of western Madhya Pradesh, Central India, Mandav is a ruined city which is celebrated for its fine architecture built by the muslim rulers of Delhi during the Malwa period.The cultural heritage of Mandav makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Madhya Pradesh. The place with its unique culture, history and verdant greenery is sure to create an unforgettable experience.



Made in the 14th century , the famous and magnificent Jahaz mahal surrounded by artificial lakes is a palace with beautiful architecture and verdant sprawling gardens which was meant for the relaxation of the Kings and Queens. It is spread over a vast area with timeless ruins revealing the glorious tales of a bygone era.

Ruins in front of Jahaz Mahal


The Hindola Mahal (Swinging palace) was a large meeting hall with beautiful architecture and arches built by the Mughal emperors. Also its most striking features are the brightly lit roofs carved in beautiful shapes to allow sunlight to lit up the inside.

Hindola Mahal
The beautiful arches of Hindola Mahal
A window of Jahaz Mahal
The Back portion of Jahaz Mahal
The roof of the dome inside Hindola Mahal
Garden of Jahaz Mahal


Named after the ruler of Mandav the Baz Bahaur palace was built in the 16th century around large hills and green landscape. A palace built for his beloved Rani Roopmati can also be seen from this place.

The view of the verdant greenery of Mandav from Baz Bahadur palace
Baz Bahadur Palace
Rani Roopmati Mahal view


The Jaami mosque built by the Mughals is the finest example of Afghani architecture.

Jaami Mosque


There are various budget as well as luxury staying options in Mandav. The Madhya Pradesh tourism has two luxury resorts the Malwa retreat and Malwa resort. The Malwa resort situated near a large lake offers breathtaking views of the lake and is an absolute bliss to stay in during the monsoons.

MP TOURISM Malwa Resort
the views of the Malwa valley


Mandav is a heaven for history and nature lovers and becomes a profound beauty adorned with emerald green landscape during the monsoon months.Its strategic location in the hills make the weather cool and breezy. The winters months are also pleasant to visit the place. The nearest city Indore is only 100 km away.

Simple Indian veg recipes to try in quarantine

India has countless vegan food varieties which are famous all over the world. Every cuisine is unparalleled and nothing beats the freshly prepared food at home. Since going outside for dining is not an option, let’s take a look at all the delicious and simple Indian recipes you can try at home.


Popular in Indian Chinese cuisine, its preparation is very easy and taste is spicy. Some cooked noodles are also put into it to enhance the taste.

It’s made with veggies cut into small pieces and mixing the required amount of chilli sauce, soya sauce, tomato ketchup and vinegar.


The most popular, mouth watering and loved street food of India, Pani puri can be enjoyed at home making flavored water with raw mango, mint leaves and spices and can be filled with potatoes.


This tasty and healthy South Indian dish takes cooks in less time. The gravy of rasam is made of crushed tomatoes, curry leaves, black pepper and tamarind paste which gives it a lovely aroma. This served with fresh lemon rice is an amazing combination.

ALOO TIKKI (Potato cutlet)

This delicious and highly popular street food of India made with mashed potatoes is liked by almost everyone, served with onions, sev, chutney, chickpea or yoghurt it is filled with multiple flavors and is savoured by food lovers all over the country.


This pancake is made from the mix batter of soaked rice and lentils and then spread evenly on a pan. Served with chutney or ketchup, it is an innovative dish to try.


It’s is absolutely appetizing and delicious cuisine made from vegetables and semolina. The semolina is mixed with yoghurt and water, allowed to sit for some time then mixed with vegetables, curry leaves and cooked in a pan. Tempering it with curry leaves and mustard seeds makes it aromatic.

Served with a peanut or coconut chutney, it is my all time favorite.


This easy to cook recipe is popular in Indo Chinese restaurants and is made with Schezwan chutney, chilly and soya sauces alongside finely chopped vegetables.


This is the favorite signature dish of every household and is wonderful recipe made with crushed peanuts and potatoes. Its super easy and effortlessly made and enjoyed with fresh yoghurt.

The wedding look

India is a country of diverse religions and festivals. Lehenga is a stunning and integral part of traditional Indian attire and no wedding event is complete without women in glamorous lehengas adorning their beauty.

Although lehengas are available in a variety of designs,style and patterns, I will be highlighting two types of lehengas from craftsvilla. In order to purchase a lehenga one has to have a high budget but I have got these beautiful outfits at a great deal of only rupees 3500 including the stitching cost.


This gorgeous trendy A-line lehenga comes in variety of colors and I have chosen an elegant navy blue color to complete the look. The hemline in the lehenga creates a flare look. The blouse is sleeveless, round neck and I have combined the outfit with matching gold necklace, earrings and bangles.


In straight cut lehenga, the skirt is straight and doesn’t have any kind of flare. I have chosen a white and pink net lehenga with floral prints in the bottom and styled it in three different ways.

In the first look, I have draped the lehenga in Saree style and for the other looks I have styled the dupatta casually. Out of all the three styles, the Saree style is my favorite, enhancing the beauty of the attire and giving it an elegant look.

Summer fashion ideas

Summer is that time of the year when we have plenty of opportunity to flaunt that pretty floral dresses and wear vivid multi colors. The typical denim jeans and casual T shirt can be monotonous and not very comfortable during the unrelenting hot weather. The type and color of clothing we choose to wear can have large impact on our confidence. When it comes to selecting clothes from the wardrobe in summer,refrain from wearing dull and dark colored outfits as they can absorb heat and don’t look very impressive. All of these outfits are very affordable.Here are some trendy comfortable and gorgeous outfits which can brighten up your day.

Full length maxi dress

This lovely purple printed dress from Myntra is very light to wear doesn’t stick to the body and it’s a thin fabric of viscose and rayon. Pair it up with matching accessories and heels. You can wear any favorite color of your choice.

Palazzo and crop top

An excellent combination of vivid colored sleeveless crop top with matching pair of cotton Palazzo and your favorite heels can become perfect summer outfit.One can find variety of beautiful Palazzo in all retail stores, but make sure it’s cotton. Any other fabric will cause discomfort. Palazzo : Big bazaar

Polka dot dress

This polka dot short dress can be combined with matching flip flops or sneakers to create casual look and is suitable for vacations and casual outings. Dress: Krasa collection Indore

Tube dress and jacket

A combination of multicolored tube dress along with your favorite denim or matching cotton jacket can and light colored heels or flats can make you stand out from the crowd.

Floral dress

What can be a better way to hit that trendy yet simple summer look than a casual subtle floral print cotton dress combined with your favorite accessories with flats/heels. I prefer a cotton dress because fabrics like polyester are uncomfortable to wear in summer. Dress: Central Mall

Palazzo and short Kurti

Palazzo can be paired with a short cotton kurti for an ethnic fusion look. I paired the outfit with a bright colorful sling bag. Very elegant and comfortable to wear. Topwear: Jaipur kurti

hope you liked my blog on summer outfits. Any feedback, new ideas or suggestions are welcome.

Attires for formal evenings

I love the collection of dresses I have in my wardrobe as I keep experimenting with them to create different looks for various occasions and amongst those are the ones which are perfect for a dinner date or a formal party.I have used two long dresses by ANDINDIA and Krasa collection.

White midi dress

For the first look, I chose a gorgeous white dress by AND and paired it with matching wedges and sunglasses. I love the design and fabric, it’s very comfortable to wear in summer or winters and the subtle black vertical prints all over enhance its beauty.

Mermaid dress

For the second look, I wore an absolutely beautiful elegant green mermaid dress from Krasa collection Indore along with heels to complete the look. It’s a type of evening gown which is straight and fits the body shape all the way upto calf, flaring out into a skirt like a mermaid’s tail.

Let me know which is your favorite.

Ishita Khemariya